On the « îlot-Vignes » site, a wide range of activities are offered. These workshops are made on demand, with a minimum number of participants. Dates are available by theme.

ZUMBA is a new discipline that is practiced on the Latin music [scene] and combines dance steps, aerobics and Body Sculpt movements. The name "Zumba" literally means "to move fast and have fun"... enough to bring a lot of fun and joy in dance classes

Biguine is the traditional dance and music of the Caribbean; it has many features in common with the Jazz of New Orleans

Shiatsu (A Japanese word meaning "finger pressure") is an energy relaxation discipline practiced for centuries in the Far East. Shiatsu involves stretching, and pressure applied to the whole body ... Stretching promotes a better flow of energy. Shiatsu is a method of relaxation and well-being.

Tai Chi Chuan is a traditional Chinese martial art based on slow, round and smooth gestures. It is practiced in the four corners of the world. A source of well being for both body and mind, Ti Chi promotes active relaxation, mediation, and movement towards personal development; it also develops energy within the physical body. Tai Chi can actually become a martial art, focusing only on this aspect

An introduction to the cooking of Creole dishes, and the discovery of Creole spices.

DO IT YOURSELF: Discover the creative leisure of learning how to make plants frame bouquets; how to revive worn and faded furniture; and other "tricks of the trade" to help bring a touch of classic design to your home!