Located 15 km from the « îlot-vignes », the beautiful medieval town of Saint-Emilion is an evocative name for wine lovers. Saint-Emilion World Heritage Site of Humanity is a mandatory visit during your stay. You can discover its rich and varied heritage, and navigate the village in depth (using a guide is recommended). Walk in escalettes mounds, ramparts of the city, in the heart of ancient monasteries. The discovery of the major steps in the development of the city from its origins to today will be revealed. Do not miss a visit to the largest underground church in Europe…You’ll spend 45 minutes working your way to the heart of the rock.

  • Underground Museum of Pottery
  • Exceptional exposure of 20 centuries of pottery in Aquitaine, this museum itself is also exceptional: it’s located in an area whose stones were used in the 12th and 13th to build the city walls. The exhibition and sale of works by world-renowned contemporary ceramists is also recommended.

    • Le Château of Villemaurine

    A few steps from the center of the medieval town of Saint-Emilion, Château Villemaurine, has a unique network of quarries to discover ... With his lantern, the guide promises a lively promenade, where everyone can explore the depths of the underground quarries. After visiting the winery and technical facilities, the walk ends with a tasting of two wines.