10 minutes away from l’îlot-Vignes, at the end of July and beginning of August you can witness the spectacle of the Battle of Castillon. On 7 hectares of scenic area to next to where the real battle took place, 700 volunteers, including 450 actors and 50 horsemen, recreate this major piece of hsitory for the now two allied countries. Beyond feats of arms, these two intense hours of acrobatic stunts, special effects and pyrotechnic prowess, take you back to the life in the Middle Ages, 6 centuries ago ... This is one of the most famous historical reconstructions of France.  Every weekend is a piece of history, everyday life, and the life-size representation, tells us the end of the English occupation of Aquitaine and the battle that ended the war 100 years. These are educational and funny scenes ; and you will discover with great wonder. Between farms and inns, women at the well, scenes of harvest, hunting parties, tooth pullers and hawkers, this show lasts for a part of the summer, and leave you a memorable souvenir of your stay in Aquitaine.

Source: http://www.batailledecastillon.com/