• The wine cellar of Rauzan
  • You can discover the wine cellar of Rauzan, located in the village. With its brand new store, its portfolio of Bordeaux wines (locally produced) you will come to taste Bordeaux’s best. Rauzan is an ideal place to taste local wines and enjoy the experience of a French cellar.

    • The Gourmet Recreation
    • Not to be missed. At the beginning of June do not miss the gourmet Recreation organized at the heart of the vineyards of the wine cellar Rauzan.

      It is a 6km walk punctuated by 7 gourmet and musical steps.
      120 volunteers winemakers are the artisans of this unforgettable day… and will invite you to taste their wines in a festive and authentic way, whether you're a novice or a wine connoisseur.
      Leaving the cellar, you’ll to head to Château Rauzan—where you will be given a drink and a glass holder that you ll keep throughout the circuit. In ancestral place, you’ll listen « La Troupe Guyennos ».
      The first step takes you through the source Laulan to an aperitif you discover our white and rosé wines and the sound of a jazz band "Yvrac Swing".
      The second step in the vineyard allows you to taste the oysters of Arcachon, white wines, (mainly the Entre-deux-Mers) and listening to accordion tunes played by Mickaël VIGNEAU.
      The third step allows you to try wines from one region of the Brotherhood of Sentiers Gourmands Européens. Every year a new wine appellation is present on the stand where you can meet our winemaker friends.
      The fourth step makes you discover Roquenègre Castle where you can taste the foie gras from the southwest, while listening to the sound of the orchestra Tzigane "Davaï."
      The fifth step at « Château TARIS » offers a typical representation of our region. You will enjoy grilled steaks on vine wood, while « Los Musaïcos » a traditionnal band from the southwest will musically entertain you.
      The sixth step will bring you in front of St. Peter's where you can enjoy cheeses with the original sound of the dance group "The Enrythmés"
      The seventh step takes you back to the starting point : for dessert, coffee, and a well deserved rest.
      Source: Wine cellar of Rauzan

      • Visits to the vineyard
      • Visits to the vineyard are organized on request. You can discover how there are operated and managed. We also offer you the opportunity to design your own bottle of wine..