In the Dordogne Valley--between Saint-Emilion and Entre Deux Mers--the Garden of the Lamprey is a park built around river themes and mysterious lampreys. A curved path—lined with pebbles, and surrounded by wetland vegetation—symbolizes the river. Located on 5000 square meters, You will witness the flora and fauna of the Dordogne (Willows, Maples, Iris, Bamboo, Reeds, etc.). Throughout the course, explanatory signs will help you appreciate our varied vegetation. A picnic area and boules pitch are also available for our visitors. Inside the Garden is the showroom: you will find living lampreys in an aquarium that is awaiting your visit. A documentary film, animated movies, and signs will give you a portrait of the lamprey : a curious animal (that does not belong to the fish family) which began its adventure about 450 million years ago.

Source: Jardin de la lamproie