If Bordeaux is a city rich in cultural heritage, museums, festivals and celebrations throughout the year. It is also a city of contemporary art ; annually hosting over 2.5 million visitors from around the world.

Bordeaux—the "pearl of Aquitaine"—is known worldwide for its vineyards ; especially since the Eighteenth century, the golden age of winemaking. Bordeaux is considered by many to be the world capital of wine. Near Bordeaux, a large vineyard produces many wines—including some of the world's most prestigious—collectively referred to as ‘Bordeaux wines’ or simply Bordeaux. There are around 14 000 Bordeaux wine producers, 117 514 hectares of vineyards, 400 traders and annual sales of 14.5 billion euros. Annual production is of 700 million bottles, wines for everyday consumption and superior wines combined.

Part of the city, « Port of the Moon », has been classified as World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO for exceptional urban area it represents. [4] She deserves at least that much of his nickname urban area is among the most attractive in France with an increase of about 200,000 inhabitants in 9 years [5] (1999-2008). The Aquitaine climate is oceanic, which is characterized in Bordeaux by very mild winters and hot summers.
Source: Wikipedia