Ideally located in Aquitaine, near Bordeaux, L’îlot-Vignes is also a mere 15 km from Saint Emilion— a designated UNESCO World Heritage site…

"L’îlot-Vignes" is located in the heart of the vineyards of Château TARIS, opposite the entrance to the castle which can be seen the imposing silhouette. The beautiful castle TARIS jealously guards the vineyard Servanty-Goudichaud family. It is against this typical backdrop of Bordeaux in which we faithfully reproduce this domain, the new owner Claudie- an ex-stewardess who loves old stones—fell under the spell of this ancient castle. Dating from the 18th century, the Annex was found in very bad condition. So Claudie put down her suitcases to renovate the Chateau to express the ideals of comfort, quality and great passion. One year of work was necessary to realize the full potential of the home, and reveal this old farmhouse’s many charms.

Named "Îlot-Vignes" (literally Island-Vines). Claudie & Henri wanted to create an exotic residence: one that is in harmony with nature, is comfortable, and invites you to relax. This charming guest house has only just recently opened its doors in April 2013. Upon your arrival, you will discover a charming, up to date environment—but also one which retains with the greatest respect for tradition. With 5 cozy guest rooms and 1 furnished tourism room, it will transport you to a unique atmosphere—one with a commanding view of the vineyards and countryside.

« L’îlot-Vignes » is surrounded by a 1-hectare park that hosts two adorable donkeys; Marius & Cesar. Almost 1 year old, they love to be fed and they love to be adored.
Near the bottom of the park, a quaint 18th century wash-house only adds to the nostalgia. A few deer also enjoy the wash house from time to time, and often stop by for a drink. If you can catch them, you might even get a photo or two!

You will be welcomed throughout the year: spring, summer, winter and fall. We have a great feel for our guests—be it a family, couple, friends, or whatever the event you wish to celebrate. « L’îlot-Vignes » offers the ideal environment for a change of scenery. With our open and rustic surroundings, you’ll find the relaxed elegance your soul has been longing for. The owner’s origins (French Caribbean), also help blend the best of cultures of both France and her various outposts.In this atmosphere of refinement, you will find our rooms with bright colors; and a dining experience where you will discover a subtle blend of regional specialties and an exotic cuisine.
The sumptuous breakfasts are mainly home-made, and also occasionally come from our friends with local farms. In the evening (weather permitting...) our dinners are served on the terrace. Our barbecue, under a canopy of lime trees, is where you can enjoy our grilled specialties; including, among others, our popular Creole sauce.
At dinner, one can occasionally see the hares and rabbits frolic in reckless abandon…
When the season allows, it's around a campfire that aperitifs will be served warm...made with excellent rums for amateurs, and variations of colorful appetizers, for the experienced.

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